Even the longest journey begins with a first step...

… and with us it’s a step in the right direction.

We focus on two main areas – EDUcation and complete PROject management. We are going to participate on your activities from the beginning till the end and we are going to offer to you full service in the following areas.

Complete project management

We offer a holistic care for your project idea and available subsidies – consultation, financing selection, planning, execution and management during the whole life cycle, and particpation on the implementation of activities, including sustainability.

Our services are utilized by:

Cities, counties, and regions

Educational institutions

Non-profit organizations

Small and mid-sized businesses


We provide an educational base in Technologicke centrum Pisek, which is characterized namely by interactive labs and classrooms. These spaces support the technical and ICT education, while respecting the most modern teaching and educational methods.


Thanks to the very diverse ecosystem we are a part of, we have a chance to arrange contact with foreign partners and help you with the preparation and implementation of a broad portfolio of foreign projects and activities. We collaborate with partners from the academic, public, and private sphere.

Event organization and production

We will prepare any business turn-key event for you, whether it is a short business breakfast and a workshop, or a professional conference and discussion meeting. You will be able to enjoy the event even as hosts and our newly equipped conference rooms will ensure the success of your events.

Because we hold two independent certificates from TAYLLOR & COX s.r.o. – ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 21500:2012 (Project Management) – we can ensure that our work will always be of the highest quality, in accordace with the established norms, and based on the standard processes, which we utilize in the following areas

Research and development

We specialize on the planning, implementation, and sustainability ensuring of an array of research and development projects focused namely on the operation programs Entrepreneurship and innovation for competitiveness, TRIO programs for the support of research and development, or the cross-border researcha nd development programs. We will secure appropriate partners for your project ideas and everything necessary for the proposal submission. We prepare the projects with the aim to comercialize the outputs, while respecting the character and focus of the project ideas.

ICT, technology, and innovation

Our activity portfolio is primarily focused on information and communication technologies and innovation projects and innovation aktivities. We strive to support the development of small and mid-sized businesses on the local, regional, national, and international scale. We collaborate with top technology companies, research and development organizations, and namely with the academic sphere at home and abroad. We support tight collaboration of the abovementioned parties through our activities.

Healthcare and social areas

Our company also focuses on the areas of healthcare and social. We strive to support the development of these services in the Southern Bohemia region. We were able to build a modern psychiatric hospital or support the development of mobile mental care in the Pisek region through a few of already implemented projects. We are able to help not only with the planning and implementation of various development projects in this area, but also secure the necessary partners and other matters through the network of our contacts.

Education and employment

We hold a MSMT educational institution accreditation and offer courses in ICT and follow-up disciplines. We host educational activities in our own modern Center of practical education. We collaborate with the academic spheres in Czech and abroad. We support the employment of alumni and help SMEs to secure employees and develop their knowledge, skills, and qualifications. We focus on the operation programs Employment and Support of employee professional education. We are also active in the educational operation program Research, development, education.

International collaboration

A very important part of our activity portfolio is the planning and implementation of international projects. We focus on the support programs Horizon 202, Interreg Central Europe, Interreg Europe, Interreg Danube, and also programs for cross-border collaboration. We do not just prepare the formal project docmentation, but we collaborate already on the project ideas. We secure project partners and participate on the whole project cycle. We collaborate with partners from almost all EU countries.

Our successes

CZK 0.7 billion

we have helped to receive

129 partners

we collaborate with

26 projects

were successfully processed

63 events

of local and international scale

Ongoing projects

International Big Data center Eastern Bavaria – Southern Bohemia

The aim of the project is to create support centers for Big Data, which allow the transfer of knowledge and technologies into local companies. Big Data Center will be a strong partner of local companies and will collaborate with companies on consulting and research projects. Moreover, the Big Data Center also ensures the transfer of knowledge through conference, seminars, and information roadshow hosting, information campaign in media, and planning of academic postgraduate programs.

Integration of IoT sensor platforms into GIS systems

The goal of the project is to create a cloud platform for efficient monitoring and management of individual IoT devices, creation of a data model and architecture for the managed transfer of a big volume of data from microelectronic devices, and development of open geografic information system ensuring the operation of map servers for data interpretation from these devices. Implementation of a web and mobile application ensuring the visualisation of data on a map background and allowing interaction of users through mobile technologies will also be a part of the project.

Moms, even IT helps

The project focuses on improvement of women taking care of small children on the job market in Southern Bohemia. We want to help the target female group through this project to combine work and family responsibilities that are the key topics of modern femininity. The project will consist of various activities, courses (focused on IT, managerial skills, technical thinking, and other discilines), or trainings, whose common aim is the improvement of entrance conditions for women that are returning to the job market after maternity leave.

Development of final application solution Cloud Security

The aim of the project is to create a Cloud Security application solution in the environment of the Czech Republic. This application represents a complex system of partial security applications provided on the Internet level that clear the traffic from cyber attacks. This helps with protection of web servers, applications, and the infrastructure itself from harmful codes and hacker attacks. The application is primarily meant for data centers, Internet connection providers, content providers, e-shops, etc.

If you are interested in detailed information, please contact us.


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“Even the longest journey begins with a first step”

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